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mentallyxxandra asked: Soo I got my nipples peirced and I'm not too sure what I can put on them besides soap and water. My friend put neosporin for the first 3 days, then Vaseline for 4 more days and hers are perfectly fine but I'm curious as to what everyone else has used! :)




I don’t have mine done so idk but if anyone of you got nipple piercings please reblog & comment what you used :)

I just used soap and water, I wore a sports bra for the first week to avoid then catching or anything and they healed perfectly 😊

I want to get mien done but I was wondering about the pain ?? ☺️☺️is it bad ?

hi, I did recently and the piercer told me to wash only with soap and water, not alcohol or similar. I did a week ago and is almost healed so the best is soap and water.



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